Success Stories

My Story: How I got in the Best Shape of My Life – During a Brutal Year

I  hadn’t planned it quite right.  I found myself in post-graduate school IMG_20160423_181133with a full time job, bills, and a size-able family (wife + 4 kids).  The first semester almost killed me.  Stres
s levels went through the roof as physical training fell through the cracks.  Weight was gained and strength was lost as I got more and more stressed out.  I was n
ot in good shape at all.

During the second semester, out of desperation, I discovered some quick and simple strength exercises that changed my life and helped me “get it back.”  I lost belly fat, leaned out around the torso, increased testosterone, and gained tangible upper body strength that I’d lost.  I did this in my very limited amount of free time, in a way similar to how high-level gymnasts train their abs, but also in a way more accessible, simple, and straight-forward for people like me.

I found myself able to swing my heaviest kettlebell (almost half my bodyweight) 100 times in 5 minutes (one-arm swings) with zero current kettlebell training.  While I had exercised with kettlebells in the past, it had come to an abrupt halt in the summer of 2015.  With my new-found excercises, I was able to do a pull-up with my 82-pound son on my back…without having a current pull-up routine.  These are all things that I never  was able to do before, especially without specifically training to do them – all from only 2 minutes a day of dedicated Lever Bar™ training.

If it worked for me, I am sure it will work for you.